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Antiche Insegne is a company made of people, ideas and passion

It was founded not far from Turin, combining the thirty years of experience of the brothers Valter and Dario Novajra in crafts and commerce, and the desire to transform an ambitious idea into something concrete. This idea was to reintroduce old style signs in the cities.

Almost twenty years have passed but our story which began as a daydream about the old towns in vintage photographs and the small workshops known for their tradition which have increasingly been replaced with shops having cold neon lights and low quality printing bleached by the sun.

And so with the kind of mutual understanding that only two brothers can have they set to work.We study old photos, design profiles, test the materials, paint, weld and experiment with crowning techniques. Shiny, matt, flat or rolled up and then what about the edges? In relief, just as they were a century ago! Signs with aged effect, aluminium, the supports, brushes, glass, printing, gold leaf.

Since then the company has grown and evolved steadily, with innovations in production growing together with the people who have gradually joined the team. Today Antiche Insegne has its premises in a building with illuminated windows containing the entire production cycle (from design to despatch) and has more than 500 retailers in Italy and throughout the world.

Our company, made of people, ideas and passion, hard work and personal sacrifices has now realised a great dream after all these years byworking together.